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We offer the service of leasing of various qualified and unqualified employees.


About UAB Personalas

UAB Personalas is a company providing personnel recruitment and temporary employment services in Europe. The main countries where we work are: Lithuania, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Austria.

Our goal is to become one of the best and most reliable recruiting and selection of temporary personnel companies.
Our mission is to develop continuously and provide our customers with quality services as well as to be a company known in the market as honest and trustworthy.

Our company's resources are growing fast and today we offer qualified and unskilled workers in the following areas:

  • Industry / Manufacturing
  • Warehousing / logistics
  • Construction sector
  • Mechanics / Engineering
  • Carpentry
  • Cleaning works / customer service / services
  • Driving
  • Food production
  • Nursing / medicine / pharmacy
  • Farming

If your need employees of other areas, contact us and discuss the opportunities to select the right ones. We have an international network of contacts, therefore the opportunity to find the right employee is very high.


Why do employees choose to work with us?

Our company employees are provided with all social guarantees, timely payment and bonuses. If needed, employees receive all kinds of assistance and advice. We seek to train employees and provide them with the opportunity to improve their qualifications and skills.

UAB Personalas – This is the Customer and Employee Choice No 1.





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