Employee leasing or temporary employment is a service that has become increasingly popular in the European / Scandinavian region in recent years. For employers it is becoming more convenient to use the employee leasing or temporary employment thus minimising the company costs related to staff recruiting, employment and management and making the recruiting process quicker.

UAB Personalas offers leasing or temporary employment of qualified and unqualified workers. We work in various spheres and have a large database of employees. Therefore we can provide employers with a fast and effective employee leasing or temporary employment service.




Temporary employment or employee leasing

We provide the employee leasing and temporary employment services. Send us your requirements and we will offer you the appropriate employees.


Selection of personnel

We select our personnel thoroughly. We strive to get all the parties involved in the process to get the agreed benefits. With a large selection of employees, we can expeditiously offer temporary employment or employee leasing services to employers.


Employer consulting

We provide advice to employers on various matters concerning employee leasing and temporary employment. After employers contact us, we help them in preparation to the effective process of employee leasing or temporary employment at a very early stage of the employment procedure.


Why should employers choose us?

We take the matter of employment of people abroad very responsibly.
We make sure that after choosing to work with our company an employer receives a high quality employee leasing and temporary employment service and an employee receives all round social protection, remuneration, bonuses as well as all necessary assistance and advice.
Prior to leasing employees we ensure that all details have been clearly discussed all the way from A to Z.


  • Guarantee a fast process of employee leasing or temporary employment
  • Guarantee complying with all and any EU directives in respect to such employment
  • Guarantee a thorough explanation of every detail and fulfilling of all terms and conditions
  • Guarantee that all employees are paid their remuneration in a timely manner
  • Guarantee that our employees receive all social protection
  • Guarantee that you will want to work with us again and again!

Have any questions?

Contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions!

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